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coway bidetmega stainless steel nozzle

Why a bidet’s stainless steel nozzle is important

Bidets: stainless steel nozzles versus plastic nozzles.


Bidet wash nozzles come in a variety of materials these days

From plastic to aluminum coated plastic, stainless steel coated plastic to stainless steel itself—the materials with which bidet nozzles are made do not have equal benefits. For hygiene and quality, nothing can beat stainless steel.


Stainless steel is more hygienic

Using a bidet, you’re already ahead of the curve on bathroom hygiene.  But, what about the hygiene of the actual bidet itself?  All electronic bidet seats utilize self-cleaning nozzles which helps keep them clean between uses. The benefit of stainless steel nozzles over plastic and aluminum is due to its uniform surface, and cleanability.  Having no pores or cracks to collect grime, bacteria or fungus, stainless steel cleans faster and more completely than plastic or aluminum. This is why stainless steel is the most widely accepted material in restaurant kitchens and food handling. It’s also why every Bidetmega toilet seat is made with a stainless steel nozzle.


Quality materials make a quality build

It’s common sense that construction from steel would be higher quality and longer lasting than plastic. That’s why most luxury bidet seats are built with metal nozzles as opposed to plastic. Still, there are some brands that are clinging to plastic construction as their default. Make sure you do your research, so you can find the best value in your bidet choice.


Coway bidets are only built with stainless steel nozzles

It’s surprising, but some of the most recognizable bidet brands with heavy price tags are built with plastic nozzles. That’s because it was the industry standard for so many decades. Every model of Bidetmega is engineered to the highest level of quality and hygiene, so you can enjoy a consistent, clean bidet experience every time.


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