Obsessed With Pure Water

Advanced, multi-stage filtration. Innovative design. All to make your water safer, better tasting and environmentally friendly.

Why a Water Purifier?

Health and safety? Taste? Environment? The answer is all of the above.

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63 million

63 million Americans exposed to unsafe drinking water


Only 1% of all the world’s water can be used for drinking

1 million

Humans buy 1 million plastic bottles per minute


The human body is approximately 60% water


Doctors suggest drinking 9-13 glasses of water a day to stay healthy


A single glass of water can help boost brain function by 14%

Removes Most Contaminants

Every Coway Aquamega filtration system has been tested and certified by the WQA to safeguard against the following:

Aesthetic Chlorine, Mercury , Chloramine, Lead, Turbidity, Cyst, VOCs, Chloramine1, Naproxen and Bisphenol A.

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Direct Flow*

No waiting. No second hand contamination.
Nothing but clean, crisp water.

*For ambient water only

Superior Taste

Our world-class engineers and water sommeliers ensure every glass is pure and delicious.

Easy Installation

Coway Aquamega units attach directly to your faucet or existing plumbing, giving you clean, pure water without the wait.

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Our Obsession With Home Health

Whether researching over 100 million data points to document air quality, conducting hundreds of tests to create the perfect seat for every body shape or employing twenty-six certified water sommeliers, when we say we’re obsessed with health, we mean it.

Our Water Purifiers

Coway offers two, faucet-based water filter systems engineered to turn your tap water into pure deliciousness.

aquamega 200 aquamega 200 aquamega 200 aquamega 100 mini
Coway Aquamega 200C Coway Aquamega 100
Filter Configuration Sediment + Advanced Carbon Block Sediment + Pre Carbon + Post Carbon
Contaminants Reduced Lead (99.9%), VOC (99.9%), Cyst (99.9%), Aesthetic Chlorine
(99.9%), Particulate class 1 particles (0.5 < 1 μm) (99.9%),
Turbidity (99.3%), Chloramine1 (96.2%), Bisphenol A (96%),
Ibuprofen (95%), Mercury (85.4%), and more
Lead (99.9%), VOC (99.9%), Cyst (99.9%), Aesthetic Chlorine
(99.2%), Turbidity (99%), Chloramine1 (99.2%), Mercury (85%),
and more
WQA NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 401 NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 372
Filtration Capacity Up to 150 gallons per filter change Up to 500 gallons per filter change
Water Temperature Cold & Ambient Ambient only
WiFi Enabled & Dash
Replenishment Service
Yes No
Filter Life Time Indicator Yes Yes
Power 120V ~ 60Hz N/A
Size 14.7″ (height) × 7.1″ (width) × 16.5″ (depth) 12.1″ (height) × 5.1″ (width) × 15.8″ (depth)
Colors White and Silver White and Silver / Black and Silver