Every Body Is Our Healthy Obsession

Innovative i-wave cleaning technology. Stainless steel nozzles. Braille and child modes. Discover a better way to bidet with Coway Bidetmega premium bidet toilet seats.

Why A Bidet

For comfort. For health and hygiene.
For the environment.

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What Makes Coway Bidetmega Better


i-wave Cleaning Technology

Proprietary technology that uses a thorough four-step wash and rinse process, providing the perfect combination of water pressure, air and time. Every time.

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Find the clean that best fits your body. Adjust water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature and more. All with a tap.

Engineered For Everyone

Bidets are better for everyone. So we specifically designed every bidet to work for every body.

    • Children

    • Elderly

    • Overweight

    • Visually impaired

Front Mode (Feminine)

Bidets can have profound health benefits for women. So we created a female-specific cleaning mode designed exclusively for:

    • Urinary tract and bladder infections

    • Menstruation

    • Pregnancy

    • Inflammatory bowel disease


The built-in warm air dryer eliminates the need for toilet papers.

Heated Seat

Stay goodbye to a cold seat forever with fully-customizable seat temperature settings.

Self Cleaning System

The self-cleaning care system keeps the inside and outside of the bidet hygienic. Giving you better health and peace of mind.

Stainless Steel Nozzle

With the nozzle made from stainless steel, you can wipe off dust easily and always use the product hygienically. Also, the separate cleaning nozzle and bidet nozzle keep the product more hygienic.


IPX5 technology is built to withstand a sustained, low pressure spray, making it easier to keep it safe and sanitary.

ECO Mode

The built-in Eco system switches the bidet toilet to the standby mode when not in use to save the electric power and lower the electric consumption.

Easy Installation

Attaches to most toilet bowls using provided parts and basic tools, without the need for a plumber.

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90-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t absolutely love your Coway Bidetmega, we’ll take it back. Guaranteed. Coway Bidetmega’s also come with free shipping and a one year extended warranty.

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Our Obsession With Home Health

Whether researching over 100 million data points to document air quality, conducting hundreds of tests to create the perfect seat for every body shape or employing twenty-six certified water sommeliers, when we say we’re obsessed with health, we mean it.

Comparison Chart

bidetmega 400 bidetmega 400 bidetmega 200 bidetmega 200 bidetmega 150 bidetmega 150
Coway Bidetmega 400 Coway Bidetmega 200 Coway Bidetmega 150
Nozzle Stainless Steel (Twin) Stainless Steel (Twin) Stainless Steel (Single)
Self-Cleaning Nozzle Yes Yes Yes
Water Path Cleaning Yes

Yes Yes
Electrolyzed Water Clean Yes Yes No
Clean Toilet Bowl
(Clean Bidet Button)
Yes No No
Adjustable Water Temperature Yes (4 Preset Stages) Yes (4 Preset Stages) Yes (4 Preset Stages)
Adjustable Water Pressure Yes (4 Preset Stages) Yes (3 Preset Stages) Yes (3 Preset Stages)
Adjustable Heated Set Yes (3 Preset Stages) Yes (4 Preset Stages) Yes (4 Preset Stages)
Adjustable Nozzle Position Yes (5 Preset Stages) Yes (5 Preset Stages) Yes (5 Preset Stages)
Adjustable Air Dryer Yes (4 Preset Stages) Yes (4 Preset Stages) Yes (4 Preset Stages)
Control System Wireless Remote Control (Braille) Attached to Seat (Braille) Attached to Seat (Braille)
Night Light Yes No Yes
Child mode Yes Yes Yes
Dry Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Bidet IPX5 (Remote IPX7) IPX5 IPX5
Rated Voltage 120V ~ 60Hz 120V ~ 60Hz 120V ~ 60Hz
Power Cord 47.24 inch 47.24 inch 47.24 inch
Dimension (H × W × D) Elongate: 5.9 × 20 × 21.1 inch
Round: 5.31 × 16.59 × 19.94 inch
Elongate: 5.9 × 20 × 21.1 inch
Round: 5.9 × 20 × 19.8 inch
Elongate: 5.9 × 20 × 21.1 inch
Round: 5.9 × 20 × 19.8 inch
Weight E: 13 lbs
R: 12.57 lbs
E: 14.33 lbs
R: 13.89 lbs
E: 14.33 lbs
R: 13.90 lbs

Find The Perfect Fit

Coway Bidetmega toilet seats are designed to work with virtually every major toilet brand and come in two types of toilet sizes (Elongated & Round). Learn how to measure to see which one is right for yours.

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