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woman opening bidet toilet seat

Are bidets really more hygienic for a bathroom?

Yes, bidets are more hygienic than toilet paper alone

The answer is simple enough, but the why requires some explanation for those who aren’t familiar with bidets. If you’ve never used one, it’s easy to imagine an awkward experience, but it’s really quite simple. Modern features like you’ll find in Bidetmega toilet seats help keep your home environment cleaner, and more hygienic.

Your bathroom stays cleaner with a bidet

A common misconception is that a bidet’s water might accidentally spray everywhere, causing a big mess. The truth is that bidets release only a small, controlled amount of water—not an aggressive jet spray. And advanced systems like Bidetmega with customizable water temperature and pressure ensure a convenient and hygienic way to clean. And with automatic air drying, you don’t need to wipe with paper or use your hands at all.

Another wrong assumption is that bidets use the water from the toilet bowl. Nope! Bidet water comes fresh from the tap, just like when you shower. It’s all connected to your existing plumbing, and no big adjustments are necessary.

You stay cleaner, too

Even a small spray of water does a much better job of washing away bacteria and residue than toilet paper. Imagine a person trying to clean up after working in the garden. They wouldn’t be able to wash away much of the dirt off their hands. Bidets using fresh water do a much better job of washing away things that shouldn’t be there, in a safe, hygienic way.

A bidet ensures a more thorough wash in the genital area, which can prevent people from spreading harmful pathogens during human contact. Beyond that, Coway’s i-wave technology in every Bidetmega seat uses a multiple-stage wash for an elevated level of hygiene you won’t find with an ordinary bidet.

It’s time for a more hygienic bathroom

The experience isn’t even close—when comparing the risk factors involved with using your hands and dry toilet paper, bidets are by far a safer, more hygienic option. Advanced bidets like Bidetmega help create a cleaner environment, and can even make washing up more enjoyable.

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