Connecting COWAY Airmega & Aquamega To Your Wi-Fi Network

Available only for Airmega 400S / 300S / AP-1512HHS & Aquamega 200C


To connect the air purifier to your smartphone, download the Coway Airmega app for iPhone and Android.

go to google play store   go to apple app store

Getting Started:
- If you are already a member, login to
  your IoCare account or register a

  new account.
- Turn on your Coway Airmega air purifier.
- Have your Wi-Fi password.
- Be near your purifier.
- Follow the next steps carefully.


Press 'Register Product' to go to the

product registration screen


Scan the barcode on the back of the product or

enter the barcode number manually to register your product

STEP 3  (Only for Android, iOS users can skip this and go to STEP 4)

Please turn your smartphone's WiFi on and connect to a wireless router

Please turn off the mobile data of the smartphone to proceed


Press the button on the screen to change

the product to the WiFi setting mode


Select the WiFi to connect the product and enter the password


Once the WiFi setting is complete, go to the home screen.

Turn on the mobile data back on and use it.


The product setting is now complete.

1. After the "chime" sound,
    The Wi-Fi LED will be lit up white
    and your connection is completed.

2. Press the 'Confirm' button. 
    If the Wi-Fi indicator is blinking, 
    please try again from the beginning.