Connecting COWAY Airmega To Your Wi-Fi Network

Available only for 400S / 300S models

To connect the air purifier to your smartphone, download the Coway Airmega app for iPhone and Android.

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Getting Started:
- If you are already a member, login to
  your IoCare account or register a

  new account.
- Turn on your Coway Airmega air purifier.
- Have your Wi-Fi password.
- Be near your purifier.
- Follow the next steps carefully.

First, register your product before
setting up your Wi-Fi connection by 
clicking on the 'Plus' icon at the top
right of the app.

Scan the barcode of your Coway Airmega
by using your phone camera.

Alternatively you can enter the serial
number manually by clicking on the
'Enter a serial number' button at the 
bottom of the screen. 

Next, create a nickname for your Coway
Airmega, and click on the "Ok" button.

Your Coway Airmega is now registered!

Then, click the "Ok" button to set up
your Wi-Fi connection.

1. To begin the Wi-Fi setup, touch the
    'Power' button to turn on the air purifier.
2. Press and hold the ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘Light’ icons
     for more than 3 seconds. Then, the Wi-Fi
     LED will illuminate and you will hear a chime.
3. The Wi-Fi LED will start to double blink. Wait
     for several seconds until you hear chime.
     Then press 'Next'.

1. Go to the Wi-Fi settings screen.
2. Select your Coway Airmega model.
3. Press the 'Next' button.

For Android users, this step happens automatically.

1. Select your Wi-Fi Network.
2. Enter your Wi-Fi password.
3. Press the 'Next' button.

1. After the "chime" sound,
    The Wi-Fi LED will be lit up white
    and your connection is completed.

2. Press the 'Confirm' button. 
    If the Wi-Fi indicator is blinking, 
    please try again from the beginning.