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couple hugging next to moving boxes

Air quality considerations when moving

Moving to a new home or apartment is stressful—there are always things to consider, like changes in your commute to work, school systems, good neighbors, and a nice neighborhood—but what about other less obvious considerations such as air quality?


Whether you’re moving to the next town over or across the country, outdoor air quality may differ depending on several factors in your new environment. Different types of trees, industrial areas, the number of cars and commuters, and the types of buildings in your area all affect air quality. If you already suffer from allergies or asthma, living in an area with good air quality may be just as important as having good neighbors.


Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help determine outdoor air quality around your new home. Sites like and report real-time air quality information and forecasts for regions across the U.S. and can help you get a sense what to expect when you move. If outdoor air quality is a concern, check out these sites before you begin your next home search.


In addition to outdoor air quality, indoor air quality may also be in flux during your move. Of course, all the moving and packing of furniture, textiles, and household goods kicks up dust and dander into the air, which can irritate breathing. Then, if you’re doing things like replacing carpets or buying a new table or sofa, you’ll want to consider the effects of off-gassing that are typically associated with the smell of “new” things. Off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can irritate your respiratory system. So be sure to use a HEPA air purifier both while packing and upon moving to your new home to keep you and your family breathing easier.


As air quality in the U.S. and across the world changes, more and more people are using air purifiers in their homes, and moving might just be the perfect time to purchase one for yourself or someone you know. Find out more about how tasks like cleaning can impact air quality around the house, and see how Airmega can help make your new home a safer, healthier place.