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IoCare app and airmega 400S

How to monitor your indoor and outdoor air quality

Knowing is half the battle.

Not only is it important to have clean, breathable air for yourself and your loved ones, it’s equally vital to know what’s in the air you breathe. With a Coway Airmega, you can do just that.

With every model of the Airmega, you can know in real time what the condition of the air is in your home. Even better, it’s as simple as looking at the brightly colored LED indicator ring located on the front or top of the purifier, depending on the model.


(400S, 300S, AP-1512HHS)

For Wi-Fi-enabled devices, Coway’s IoCare app helps you monitor indoor air quality and filter status from your phone. You can set the unit timer, receive real-time outdoor air quality updates and even activate the air purifier remotely.

Monitor in real time…

 Airmega's Smart Mode adapts to its environment, using only the power necessary to clean your air's current quality. When paired with the scheduling function in the app, you get more flexibility and control, and can be sure that the air quality is always great in your home.

 We all know that outdoor air pollution can affect indoor air. With the IoCare app, you can monitor outdoor air-pollution levels for cities in your area to know when it’s safest to go outside. Meanwhile, Coway Airmega helps you track a room’s air quality over time, so you can find out when air quality is at its best and worst.

…and from anywhere

One of the most useful operations that the app helps you perform is speed control and smart mode. If you want to save energy when you’re not at home, all you need to do is set fan speed and access smart mode controls remotely when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. With smart mode, your Airmega will adjust power based on the air quality, time and lighting in the room. 

With Airmega and it’s innovative real-time air quality monitoring features, you can rest assured that your home’s air will be breathable and safe, taking care of you while you take care of life’s other pressing matters. And when working in concert with the IoCare app, you have the ultimate control of the air in your home, whenever and wherever you need it.

For instructions on how to pair your Airmega with your smartphone, here’s a video.