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How air quality affects asthma

More than 25 million Americans are living with asthma

It’s a common problem that leads to hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations each year in the USA. Science continues to prove that air quality is a big factor in determining how bad it can get. That’s why so many use an air purifier like the Airmega, with a True HEPA filter that can capture 99.97% of pollutants*.


Air pollution makes asthma worse

Contaminants in the air have long been linked to health issues. Young children with asthma, whose lungs are still developing, are especially vulnerable to exposure to air pollution.


More research needs to be done, but a study of young campers with moderate to severe asthma showed they were 40 percent more likely to have acute asthma episodes on high pollution summer days than on days with average pollution levels. Another study suggested that older adults were more likely to visit the emergency room for breathing problems when summer air pollution was high.


Improved air quality, improved results

A new study published in Nature Energy shows a direct correlation between coal-fired power plants and asthmatic attacks. When researchers saw a 55% drop in coal-related emissions in Kentucky’s Jefferson County, it resulted in about 400 fewer hospitalizations and ER visits for the year. The study also associated a 17% drop in average rescue inhaler use during that time.


Indoor air quality matters too

The air we breathe most often is inside our homes. That air can be full of contaminants from outside, but also heating, cooking, cleaning and other home activities. Beyond asthma, contaminants can affect our immune system, sleep quality, and overall health. Using a smart air purifier like Coway Airmega can help eliminate these harmful particles, including those found in highly polluted areas.


Explore more about Airmega here.


*Based on True HEPA filter material standard. Actual performance determined by indoor air quality and operation of unit.