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A happier, healthier winter: tips for hunkering down this season

It starts with home.

Make your home as appealing as you can. To the extent possible, now is a good time to get your home ready for the winter.” In regards to winter, Fast Company quoted Tyler Arvig, Associate Medical Director for R3 Continuum, a behavioral health and security solutions firm. But what does getting your home ready look like? Here are a few key tips that may help you stay happy through a long winter.

With the windows closed, clean indoor air becomes extra important.

We don’t have to tell you about the dangers of breathing air pollution. EPA studies in the U.S. have found that indoor air pollutants were generally two to five times greater than outdoor pollution levels (and in some cases, 100 times greater!). The industrial strength engineering of Airmega could be exactly what your home needs. With an Auto Mode that measures your air quality in real time and filter indicator lights, Airmega keeps your air clean without you having to think about it. Learn more here.

Turn your bathroom into a more spa-like experience.

What could be a better escape from the chill of winter than a day at the spa? Upgrade your bathroom to a home bathroom spa. Light candles or a fresh aroma that makes you feel relaxed, and keep your bathroom space shiny and clean, with fresh linens and soaps—anything that makes you smile—out on the countertops. To really make the experience come alive, consider an advanced bidet toilet seat like Bidetmega. WIth customizable water pressure and temperature, you always come away feeling refreshed and clean. Learn more about Bidetmega here.

Be sure to have plenty of clean water

Staying in more doesn’t mean we give up keeping our bodies and immune systems strong. Hydration is one of the most important factors for our wellness. But why buy all that water in wasteful, plastic bottles or jugs? You can create unlimited fresh, clean water with an at-home purifier like an advanced Aquamega, which you can learn more about here.

Find and keep support.

Kathrin Mallot, who spent one very long, very cold winter at the South Pole had some advice: It’s most important to stay in touch with those that keep us sane and balanced. Many professionals have suggested that limiting your exposure to the news and getting more time (on the phone or in person) with people who help you feel better can be all the foundation you need to get through a long winter successfully.

Enjoy every moment.

Winters are the cycle when we naturally want to hunker down, contract, and take into account the many blessings in our lives. With that perspective, it’s easy to breathe some of that fresh indoor air, take in a nice fireside cup of cocoa made with purified water, and watch the snow flurry outside the window.

Learn more about Bidetmega here.

Learn more about Airmega here. 

Learn more about Aquamega here.