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bidets with bows as presents

The Ultimate Bidet Gift Guide

This is it. You’re ready to purchase or gift a bidet. But which one?
As we shop for friends and our own family, there are a handful of features to consider before you make that awesome bidet toilet seat purchase. We like to think that when it comes to purchasing a Bidetmega, there is no wrong choice—each one is equipped with customizable water pressure and temperature, a heated seat, different modes for a more comfortable wash, and Coway’s i-wave technology. But there are some contrasts to consider, and depending on whom the Bidet is for, we’d like to be a gentle guide in leading you toward the right model.

For the person who wants the full spa experience: Bidetmega 400
Wired, a New York Times company, called the Bidetmega 400 a “night-light-laden throne”:


bidetmega 400 top view The Bidetmega 400 ranks highly on a countless number of critics’ lists. Every aspect of the Coway bathroom experience has been slowly developed with research to enhance your comfort and well-being, and all of that knowledge has been poured into the design of this model. For the full Coway experience, the Bidetmega 400 is the perfect choice for anyone, from bidet beginners to seasoned aficionados.

Bidetmega 400
  •  i-wave technology
  • Night light
  • Advanced wireless remote
  • Three-stage cleaning care system
  • Multiple modes for comfort

For the person who wants luxury at a reasonable price: Bidetmega 200

bidetmega 200 top view

This is pure and simple. In an in-depth review from Business Insider, the Bidetmega 200 was revealed as "the only [bidet toilet seat] that balances high-end features with a reasonable price tag".

Sherri L. Smith from pegs the Bidetmega 200 as an "enlightened bathroom experience". She continues: "For the money, you get a heated seat and a customizable clean for you and everyone in the family."
Bidetmega 200

  • i-wave technology
  • Electrolyzed water clean for elevated hygiene
  • Multiple modes for comfort
  • Heated seat

For the first-time bidet user: Bidetmega 150

Simplified to a single nozzle, you might be tempted to see the Bidetmega 150 is a more introductory bidet toilet seat, but packed advanced features that are sure to convert any bidet skeptic, including a toe-saving blue night light. As the newest player in the game, this model shines with Coway’s advanced i-wave technology, but still bears a price tag that’s more within reach of an average bidet budget.
Learn more about the Bidetmega 150 here.
Bidetmega 150

  • i-wave technology
  • Heated seat
  • Night light


90 days of risk-free* returns

We’re so confident of the Bidetmega 400, you can try it out for 90 days* before making your decision. If anything about the bidet toilet seat doesn’t satisfy you, you can return the product for a full refund.

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