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Coway Bidetmega - Smart Toilet Seat Bidet

What is a smart toilet seat?

The future is here — even in your bathroom, in the form of the smart toilet seat. In the age of smart homes and smart appliances, it's hardly surprising that a smart toilet seat, designed to be more convenient, more hygienic and more eco-friendly, is a thing. Bathroom futurists who've embraced the smart toilet seat tend to rave about it as a life-changing (and easy-to-install) innovation. Is it time you considered one for your own commode? Let's look at a few features and benefits of the smart toilet seat.


The smart toilet seat brings the heat

A common feature of a smart toilet seat is the ability to warm the surface on which the user sits. A heated toilet seat can be much more comfortable, particularly in a house that's chilly. Users who have arthritis or joint pain have reported that a heated seat makes their trip to the bathroom less painful.


A bidet toilet seat

The bidet — a bathroom appliance that cleans your backside using water — is a common fixture overseas that has been catching on in the U.S. in recent years, gaining momentum with each new technological touch. The bidet toilet seat can be easily mounted on a regular toilet, replacing your existing seat. A bidet seat sprays water upward with one or more nozzles, which may be retractable.


Superior hygiene

The traditional practices of bathroom hygiene, involving dry paper wipes, are ineffective to say the least. Any cleaning is better with water; that's why we use water (and not dry paper) when we shower or wash our car. A bidet is a modern way to use water's natural cleaning properties to provide superior hygiene where you most want it. For maximum hygiene, look for a bidet seat with fully stainless steel nozzles.


The eco-friendly bidet

When you use a traditional toilet, you're not just flushing away waste -- you're also flushing paper, which contributes to deforestation. And while toilet paper breaks down in the sewage system, becoming a sort of sludge, it's more mass for that system to process. (Additionally, this sludge can become a component of a "fatberg," which is as bad as it sounds.) By handling most of their cleansing with water, many bidet users find they need less, or no toilet paper. Through technology, we’re able to eliminate waste — the days are numbered for the big fat roll of toilet paper.


A remote control toilet

The bidet and heating functions of a smart toilet seat are activated without having to reach for knobs or switches — the smart toilet features an electronic remote control. Some units even have a detachable remote for more convenience and flexibility. This is tech designed for daily human use, after all. By pushing buttons, the user can also control water temperature and water pressure, and can activate the blow-drying function that some smart toilets offer.


Designed for feminine hygiene

A bidet isn't just for cleaning your backside; remote controls allow a user to direct the spray to forward areas as well. Some smart bidets also offer additional cleansing options. A smart toilet seat with an air-dry nozzle can lessen or eliminate the need to use toilet paper or wipes that can cause irritation. A bidet can also help during pregnancy and after childbirth, when areas may be more sensitive to harsh paper.


A smart toilet is easy to install

Believe it or not, you don't need a plumber or handyman to install a smart toilet seat. The seat itself attaches to your toilet's main structure with two bolts, just like a regular seat. To get the water flowing, it's necessary to tap into the plumbing going into your toilet's tank, but provided components make connecting to that water supply easier than you think. For the electronic features you'll need to plug in to an electrical outlet. Many bidet users report that setup takes just a few minutes.


Today's smart-toilet technology isn't a futurist fantasy of a bathroom robot — this is a practical add-on that improves quality of life. State-of-the-art smart toilet seats like at the Coway Bidetmega 200 have all the features and benefits we've discussed here, and more. With dual stainless-steel nozzles, separate ducts for water and air, i-wave cleaning technology and eco-mode it provides a smart, potentially life-changing bathroom experience.