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toothbrush cleaning bidet nozzle

How to clean your bidet: 4 steps to taking care of your Bidetmega

With the self cleaning functions and intuitive design, keeping your Bidetmega hygienic daily is easy and quick. As you enjoy using it over time, you’ll still need to ensure that you clean and maintain it regularly so it can continue to deliver the excellent performance you’ve become accustomed to. 

What you’ll need: 

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Soft cloth or brush
  • A bucket or towel 
  • Water

1: Make that nozzle shine

Thanks to the innovative design of the Bidetmega, cleaning the nozzle is simple and sanitary. First turn the power off. Then, press the button to initiate the electrolyzed water spray, and gently scrub the nozzle with a soft brush or cloth. On the Bidetmega 150, this is the ‘rinse nozzle’ button, on the Bidetmega 200, this is the ‘extract nozzle’ button, and on the Bidetmega 400, this is the ‘cleanse nozzle’ button. Press the button again to return the nozzle to its original position.

2: Sparkle up the main body

Second, soak a sponge or soft cloth with neutral detergent and wipe down the body and button controls gently. Avoid alkaline or acidic products they may damage your Bidetmega.

3: Get the ducts clean and clear

The next step is to clean the nozzle duct, and then dry the duct once the main body is clean. To do this, simply lift the nozzle duct to detach it and remove the dry duct from the front by pulling on it gently. Make sure the duct doesn’t fall into the toilet during this process.

Cleanse the detached ducts thoroughly with water and a neutral detergent. Both the dry duct and nozzle duct must be fully dry before reattaching.

Clean the nozzle entrance with a soft brush or cloth, then reassemble the duct and flush the toilet after cleaning.

4: Clean out the mesh filter

The last step to cleaning your bidet is to clean the mesh filter. With the power cord still unplugged, lock the water supply valve (located under the sink) and detach the bidet hose. (There may be water left in the hose so prepare a towel or bucket to catch it)

Use needle-nose pliers to detach the mesh filter from the water intake section and cleanse the mesh with running water and a soft brush.

Then, return the filter back to the intake, reassemble the bidet hose, unlock the water supply valve and plug the power cord in.

A clean Bidetmega that keeps YOU even cleaner

A well-maintained Bidetmega will help keep you and your family healthy throughout the year. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and Coway is happy to contribute to a hygienic, happy bathroom experience. 

If you want a visual walkthrough of the cleaning process, watch this helpful video on the Coway youtube channel.