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Why a countertop water purifier is ideal

Everyone wants clean, safe drinking water for their families. But how do consumers determine the best water filtration system for their home? Some of the more popular water options on the market include pitchers, bottled water and faucet-mounted water filtration systems. Yet none of them offer the full solution of a countertop-based water purifier. Let’s take a look.

Pitcher Filters
Pitchers can seem convenient. However, they require frequent upkeep. The filters need to be switched out every two or three months, or every 40 gallons, and if users fall behind, the overloaded filters can begin to return contaminants into the water. It’s also expensive, as a single filter can cost up to 50 percent of the price of the pitcher. Last, pitchers don’t work well for families who need a lot of filtered water. It can take 10 to 20 minutes to process water through a pitcher filter, and it typically holds only a gallon or two at a time.

Bottle Delivery
Clean water is good for our bodies, but when it comes in plastic bottles, it isn’t good for our environment. Plastic is a leading source of pollution around the world, especially in our oceans. At the rate that people are throwing out plastic, “by 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish.” Additionally, scientists are raising concerns about the effects of chemicals in plastic water bottles on human health—even with BPA-free water bottles.

Faucet-Mounted Filters
Faucet-mounted water filters have been available for some time. But one word can describe the main drawback of water filter faucet attachments: leaky. Although faucet mounted filters have improved over time, they may still leak, especially after filter changes or initial installation. In addition, some users report that it can take up to three minutes to fill an eight-ounce glass. And, on an aesthetic note, faucet mounts are bulky and unappealing. Another issue? This design can typically process only 100 gallons before the filter change.

Fortunately, there is a better water solution that is virtually waste-free and processes 300-500 gallons of water at high capacity with no lag time. The Coway Aquamega 100 countertop system offers an instant, unlimited supply of clean, great tasting water right from your tap by eliminating up to 99.9 percent of water contaminants, including lead, while supporting your lifestyle.