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Mason Jars with Iced Tea & Lime Slices

Keep cool with filtered water all summer long

Beat the heat with purified water

With summer fast approaching, you may be reaching for your go-to ways to cool down. So as you head to the pool, dig out your oscillating fan or even break open that beach umbrella, don’t forget to whip up some cool, refreshing drinks, too—with a little help from your smart water purifier. This summer, it’s time to answer the question: “Does purified water make other drinks taste better?” 

Simply steep and pour over ice

Is cold-brewed coffee your favorite way to keep cool? Then you should know that filtered water for coffee is highly recommended. “Filtered water is generally a good choice for making cold-brewed coffee,” Andrew Harris of Cold Brew Hub says. Water filtration, he explains, removes undesirable minerals while leaving behind calcium and magnesium, so as to keep water from getting too “soft.”

“Remember, hard water makes tastier coffee than soft water.” - Andrew Harris, Cold Brew Hub

A new way to take your tea

If iced tea is your summer drink of choice, then try filtered water for tea the next time a craving hits. According to CNN, people often take time to select their leaves or blend, but “many people don’t realize that the water is arguably equally important.” Luzianne tea brand agrees, adding that too many left-behind minerals in the water can cause “tannins and oils in the tea to separate out, which could make iced tea cloudy, especially after it’s chilled.” 

Drinking it straight-up

As the temperatures rise, don’t forget to hydrate with plenty of purified water on its own, too. The benefits of filtered water are numerous, but making sure yours is safe to drink and tastes good are high on the list. If you’re on the hunt for a water filtration system of your own, then consider Coway Aquamega. You can enjoy clean, crisp, perfectly chilled water with a home water purifier that reduces up to 99.9 percent of contaminants.*

Summer is on its way, and so is your thirst for something better. Learn more about our line of Aquamega products here.


*Based on the WQA NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 test report. The actual performance may vary with local water conditions.