What does Eco Mode really do?

Designing for the future

One of the greatest goals in modern engineering is conserving energy. For Coway, it’s a central part of our research and design. When you can get a product to do the same job as its predecessor, but with half the energy, you know you’re building for the future. Now, your air can be free from harmful contaminants like agricultural runoff, VOC’s, bacteria and viruses, without drastically raising your energy use.


Set it and forget it

Eco Mode is built into the Smart Mode setting of Airmega air purifiers. Its basic function is to stop the fan and save energy when it’s not needed. If the detected air quality level remains good for 10 minutes in Smart Mode, the fan will stop. If 30 minutes passes, or air pollution is again detected, the fan will automatically restart.


Save energy, save cost

Smart Mode is a good default setting—you won’t have to worry about turning on and off your Airmega when you leave home. When air quality remains at a good level, Eco Mode can conserve about 75% of the energy the fan would otherwise be using. That can add up to a lot of cost savings over time.


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