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Which water filtration method is best?

While most of us expect our tap water to be 100% safe, the truth is aging water infrastructures and countless other factors can contribute to the presence of many unwanted contaminants. Home water purifiers like Aquamega are the best protection from viruses, bacteria, chemicals and metals like lead.


Water filters come in countless shapes and sizes, using physical barriers, chemical barriers, or a combination of both. There are four common methods for home purification, but they are not created equal.


Primary methods for filtering water


Reverse osmosis

Filters using reverse osmosis are engineered to remove contaminants by using water pressure. As tap water passes through a membrane, harmful agents like lead, mercury and iron are flushed away. However, reverse osmosis will not remove some pesticides, solvents and metals such as chlorine and radon.


Ion exchange

These filters use a chemical process that releases ions like sodium, and exchanges them for unwanted ions, like heavy metals. The result is softer water with a more pleasant taste, however Ion exchange also raises the sodium content of your water, and doesn't provide a completely pure taste.


Steam distillation

Most contaminants have a boiling point higher than water, so they’re left behind after the water turns to steam. The steam is then collected and condensed back into water. Unfortunately, distillation also removes beneficial natural minerals from water in the process.


Activated carbon

Charcoal is a very porous form of carbon, so it has a large internal surface area to trap all kinds of contaminants. Activated carbon can remove smaller impurities that physical filters can’t catch. It functions as a magnet for compounds like lead, pesticides, and VOCs, trapping them internally as the water passes through. Chemicals like chlorine are reduced through a natural reaction when water first contacts the carbon.


Aquamega purifiers

Aquamega water purifiers use sediment and activated carbon filters, effectively making your tap water purer and more delicious. Home filtration with an NSF certified filter is the only way to know that the water you’re drinking has removed as many potentially contaminants as possible. Installation is easy, and can greatly improve the health and well-being of everyone in your home.


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