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Coway Airmega At Balefire Goods

Healthy Business Tips: Balefire Goods Ltd. in Arvada, Colorado

Crafting a business with cleaner air

Balefire Goods Ltd. in Arvada, Colorado, is an artisan gallery where customers can find unique, custom-made pieces of jewelry, as well as a collection of fine artwork and gifts. The business is a staple in the Arvada community and was recently featured in 303 Magazine. Known for metalsmithing, Balefire features an in-house jewelry studio, where owner Jamie Hollier and her team craft their jewelry.

With customers coming from far and wide to shop, Hollier strives to ensure that the gallery stays safe and comfortable for them. “As a business that is open to the public, we work to ensure that we are always providing as clean and healthy of an environment for our staff and customers as we can,” Hollier says.

Treasuring the clientele

In the age of COVID-19, Balefire Goods has taken precautions to help things run smoothly. In addition to sanitizing jewelry that customers try on and continuously cleaning after transactions, the team also uses air purifiers to keep the air free of contaminants.

“We have two Airmega units in our gallery that we run continuously while we are open to ensure that the air is always fresh and clean,” Hollier says. This is especially helpful because of the studio, where airborne particles can be prominent. Metalsmithing techniques, such as using sulfur to blacken sterling silver, can permeate the air with scents and fumes.

Having a set of powerful air purifiers, Hollier says, provides peace of mind. “Knowing that the Airmega units are quietly working to clean our air and provide us with a safer environment has been a huge relief during a time of stress and concern for all small business owners, employees and customers.” 

The Airmega difference

Hollier’s selection of Airmega came after careful consideration. “Airmega has units that are easy to use, quiet to operate and attractive in their design,” she says.

She’s not alone. This unique combination of convenience, noise level and sleek design have attracted many small business owners to do the same, adding units into their workshops or offices. Coway Airmega offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art Green True HEPA™ air purifiers that can help keep professional space filled with pure air by filtering out unwanted contaminants.

If you’re interested in learning more (or in procuring an air filtration system for your business), shop Airmega here. Know a business that uses and loves a Coway product already? We’d love to hear about it. Reach out to us on Instagram, and we’ll be in touch.