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bidet toilet seat in bathroom

Bidet myth busted: Bidets are weird

Bidet use is growing everywhere, including in the United States

There’s no doubt some resistance to bidets still exists in the US. But, as the benefits of bidet use come to light, the stigma around bathroom hygiene is shifting.

Do you need a bidet toilet seat like Bidetmega? Well, that’s a matter of personal choice. But, this year, many bidet companies are seeing doubled, or even up to eight times more interest in their products in the United States. It may be a matter of time before bidet fixtures are the new normal. Why not be ahead of the curve? 

Bidetmega seats are easy to install

A bidet seat replaces your existing toilet seat, attaching to the bowl. It draws water from the toilet’s supply line and electricity from a nearby outlet. With the press of a button on a remote, a wand extends beneath you and trains a stream of water powered by an electric pump to clean your underparts. Some bidet seats have fancy options, such as seat heaters.

Get all the features you want

While you can find a bidet for any budget level, attachments like Bidetmega have features like customizable water temperature and pressure, making it possible for you to curate your experience. With Coway bidets, you’ll also find a heated seat, a night light, and a Braille control pad. Not bad for a trip to the loo.

Toilet paper is weird

Who said wiping with dry paper is a good idea of cleaning after toilet use, anyway? Each American uses about 40 rolls of toilet paper every year, and the average household uses 150 rolls per year. Although you can still use toilet paper to pat dry, using a bidet can reduce the amount you use by about 75% on average.

Bidets just make sense

Using a bidet is an easier-than-wiping cleaning experience. And widely, users report a more hygienic, and more pleasant experience than using toilet paper. They also save you money and are better for the environment in the long term.