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man touching pregnant woman's stomach in bathroom with bidet

Bidet myth busted: bidets are messy

Cleaning with toilet paper is messy

While it may appear the area around your toilet is completely clean, any transfer of contaminants using paper is going to increase the risk of a less-than-hygienic space. When we prioritize the cleanliness of the most intimate parts of our body, we see that true cleaning starts with clean water. A bidet like Bidetmega is so effective in keeping a more hygienic area in your bathroom because it’s a precise, controlled mechanism that leaves little room for human error.

i-wave technology for precision cleaning

Coway-engineered i-wave technology was developed to maximize hygiene and comfort for Bidetmega toilet seats. It isn’t like a water fountain spraying in every direction—it’s a series of precise, concentrated sprays of water. Not only can you customize your water pressure and temperature, a selection of wash modes have up to four wash steps: soft start, pre-wash, main-wash, and rinse-wash. Overall, you get a gentle, pleasant experience, and a thorough, hygienic wash without any paper mess.

90 days of risk-free* cleanliness

We’re so confident in the cleanliness and comfort of Bidetmega, you can try out the product for 90 days* before making your decision. If anything about the product doesn’t satisfy you, you can return the product for a full refund.

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*Does not include Bidetmega 150

Can bidets help women during menopause? The full story

Using a bidet like Bidetmega can benefit feminine hygiene

Feminine hygiene is paramount to women, as they can experience various problems such as Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) without proper care. For women in particular, hormonal changes during menopause can result in more UTIs.  When your only option near a toilet is toilet paper, more complications can arise with potential spread of bacteria, and the general abrasiveness of paper can cause discomfort or worse. Using pure, natural and non-abrasive water for cleansing each time is not only more hygienic but also creates a more therapeutic experience.

Bidetmega is engineered for feminine comfort

The feminine wash on a Bidetmega toilet seat is very gentle and the nozzle rotates to help ensure that during your menstrual cycle, and as you enter menopause, you are left completely clean—you don’t have to use toilet paper at all.

Daily bidet use can help prevent UTIs

A UTI occurs when bacteria gets into the urethra, and the resulting infection can cause burning pain and increased urination. UTIs can also turn into dangerous kidney infections if not treated properly. Anyone can get a UTI, but women’s physiology makes them particularly vulnerable. One of the best ways to help prevent UTIs is to use a bidet toilet seat like the Bidetmega. It’s a convenient, comfortable way to clean yourself thoroughly every time you visit the bathroom. The advanced functionality of a Bidetmega can gently and naturally wash bacteria away, leaving your private regions much cleaner than they’d ever be from wiping.

Bidet use means less contact with bacteria

With a bidet, you have less contact with germs and bacteria. A flimsy piece of paper between your hand and your body isn’t an effective way to reduce contact, and bidets are engineered to keep you as clean as possible. Every Bidetmega model has a thorough self-cleaning function, too, ensuring your contact with the seat is safe and hygienic.

Bidets are recommended for older adults

Not only does a bidet provide great benefits for women during menopause, it’s a perfect investment for essential bathroom safety as we age. UTIs are a frequent cause of hospital visits for older women, and many doctors believe that bidet toilet seats could be a great preventative measure. Once you try a bidet, you may find that you never want to go back to wiping again!

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