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bidet benefits for all, father and son, handicapped woman, and grandmother and granddaughter

Bidets for All

Who can benefit from using a bidet? The short answer is “everyone,” but there are some for whom the appliance is especially useful. 

Bidets for women

Bidets are useful to women in many ways. During menstruation, women can use a bidet to quickly and thoroughly clean themselves, eliminating the need for excessive wet wipes or toilet paper. Just like with men, using the spray to wash after using the toilet can help prevent infections, irritation and inflammation for women. Bidets are also a convenient way for women to maintain their hygiene after childbirth. Rather than relying on manually spraying water to stay clean, bidets can direct a gentle flow of water to the area to soothe and sanitize. Bidetmega comes equipped with multiple modes, including one specifically designed for feminine hygiene. 

Bidets for kids

Bidets are also an excellent option for kids. While it may take them a try or two to get the hang of them, they will provide a more thorough clean than a child may be able to achieve on their own with dry toilet paper. Bidetmega makes learning to use a bidet easy with Child Mode, designed to limit the device to a gentle cleaning spray. Once children get used to the technology, Child Mode can be disabled to allow them to customize their cleaning experience. 

Bidets for the elderly and handicapped

With age often comes reduced mobility, which can make everyday tasks more difficult. Bidetmega’s convenient remote allows users to toggle between multiple customizable settings without the need to bend or twist. This also makes it a fantastic option for a bidet for handicapped toilets. Bidetmega can be used to help make cleaning up after using the toilet much easier for people who are physically disabled. 

Who can use a bidet?

Bidets are great for everyone, but make an especially good purchase for new homeowners, new mothers and people recovering from injuries or surgeries. Bidetmega would make a thoughtful gift for a friend or partner, or even as something to treat yourself! Consider upgrading from a standard bidet to a Bidetmega when you see a bidet on someone’s wish list or registry to treat them to the very best. 

Coway Bidetmega

As an appliance that will potentially be used multiple times per day every day, choosing which bidet to purchase is an important decision. Bidetmega is more than a regular toilet attachment; it’s an entire toilet seat that comes equipped with state of the art technology and unique features that make every trip to the bathroom a luxurious experience. Learn more about Bidetmega and shop for one to give or to keep at