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Airmega: whisper-quiet air purifiers to help you sleep at night

An air purifier in the bedroom might change your life.

Science already tells us that we sleep better in purer air. In fact, some of your sleep trouble may be caused by air pollution. Adding a purifier to your bedroom can be a serious game-changer, allowing you to get some much-needed REM sleep uninterrupted by pollutants in your air. Check out the best air purifiers for a bedroom: Coway AP-1512HH and Airmega 150.

Noise at night means interrupted sleep.

You probably already knew this, but noise affects you while you sleep. In fact, according to studies done by, noise can have a major impact on the quality of your sleep:

"Even noises that don’t wake you up have subconscious effects on sleep by changing the time we spend in certain sleep stages. Environmental noise, such as air and vehicle traffic, has been shown to increase stage 1 sleep and decrease slow wave and REM sleep. Nighttime noise may also cause...elevated heart rate and blood pressure."


With city traffic, telephones and conversations happening around us, we're reminded of the value of being in a quiet space. And if there's anywhere you want to find peace once in a while, it's where you try to drift off into dreamland. Enter: Coway-engineered Airmega air purifiers, the whisper-quiet protectors of your air while you sleep.

How quiet are Airmega air purifiers, really?

Whisper-quiet, in fact. A whisper averages about 25 db, and an Airmega on level one hovers around 21.7 to 28.5 decibels (db). This enables you to get some serious z’s breathing pure, clean air. In comparison, city traffic is about 80 db, a telephone ring about 70 db, and a casual conversation 60 db—it's a wonder we can get any quiet at all.

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