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bidet toilet seat open

No, a bidet doesn’t need soap to properly clean you

Cleaning the genital area with warm water is medically-recommended

Genital areas are sensitive. That’s why harsh and abrasive soaps to clean the genital and other sensitive areas on your body can result in the drying out of their mucosal lining, which can actually lead to an increase in the risk of infection, injury, or inflammation.


Your hands and your sensitive areas are not created equal

Yes, you use soap to wash your hands, but your outer skin is lined with glands that secrete an oily substance called sebum, which serves to keep your skin waterproof and resistant to infection. It also helps prevent soap from drying out your skin to a point where significant health challenges can arise. Even soap on skin should be used sparingly, as drying agents over time will still cause damage.


Gentle, clean, and secure

Coway Bidetmega toilet seats gently aerate the water with oxygen to deliver a gentler, more effective wash that is more than adequate to cleanse after using the bathroom. Combined with i-wave cleaning technology, a four-step wash and rinse process, you get a thorough clean with the perfect amount of water pressure, air and time.


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