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March 22, 2019 is World Water Day

Water is essential to all life. Yet in many parts of the world, access to clean and safe drinking water remains elusive. On March 22nd, 2019, the United Nations will hold World Water Day to raise awareness of this fact and inspire citizen action in securing water resources. The annual event bolsters the U.N’s Sustainable Development Goal #6: clean water and sanitation for all.


More people experience water scarcity than not

The U.N. defines safe water as “accessible on the premises, available when needed and free from contamination.” To this end, the theme of World Water Day 2019 is “Leaving no one behind.” The message calls attention to the approximately four billion people who suffer serious water scarcity for at least one month every year. People who routinely live in water crises account for nearly two-thirds of the global population.


Many reasons for lack of clean water

With all the advances in technology and engineering, why is it still difficult to bring clean and safe water to everyone? The reasons are plentiful, including climate change, political instability and corruption, conflict zones, forced migration, environmental damage and more. Some areas carry the burden of several reasons all at once. In an effort to find clean, safe water, the U.N. predicts that 700 million people around the world will be displaced by water scarcity issues by the year 2030.


Wealthy countries also face water issues

In affluent societies, it’s hard for people to imagine having to flee their home in search of drinking water. However, pure, clean water is never truly guaranteed. To highlight this reality, Rhea Suh, the president of the National Resources Defense Council, recently wrote in National Geographic that “roughly a quarter of Americans drink from water systems that violate the Safe Drinking Water Act.”


Find a World Water Day Event near you

Throughout human history, people have celebrated water in many different ways. On March 22nd, all global citizens will have the opportunity to unify and celebrate it together on World Water Day. From Canada to Sri Lanka, and many places in between, events are being planned across the globe to raise awareness and increase access for all to clean, safe drinking water. Join an event near you—or create your own to add to the international calendar.

The Coway Aquamega 100 and 200 water filtration systems can provide fresh, clear water to you and your family, every day. The system easily installs to standard kitchen faucets and allows for unlimited amounts of clean, thirst-quenching H2O. In the process, it also reduces common water contaminants, including lead, by over 99 percent.


1Coway air purifiers have been proven to trap dust, pollen, dander, viruses and bacteria in the air based on KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories) testing.They have been tested in a 30㎥ size chamber according to the Korea Air Cleaning Association standard (SPS-KACA 002-132:2022 Modified) to measure the 0.01㎛ size of particle removal rate. It was tested on maximum airflow speed in normal room temperature and humidity conditions. The performance may vary in the actual living environment of customers.
→ Tested with Airmega Aim, 100, 150, 160, AP-1216L, AP-1512HH, AP-1512HHS, 200M, Icon, IconS, 230, 240, 250, 250 Art, 250S, 300, 300S, 400, 400S, ProX

299.97% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and pollen were verified to be removed from the air for Coway air purifiers which have Green True HEPA™ filter applied based on the Japan Food Research Laboratories(JFRL) testing according to JEM 1467 standard.
→ Tested with Coway Airmega AP-1512HH, AP-1512HHS, 250, 250 Art, 250S, 300, 300S, 400, 400S
→ All tested by JFRL and received above result within below time.

All tested by JFRL and received above result within below time.

- Virus: Tested with Escherichia coli phage ΦX174 NBRC 103405, 60 minutes
- Bacteria: Tested with Staphylococcus epidermidis NBRC 12993, 60 minutes
- Fungi/Mold: Tested with Penicillium citrinum NBRC 6352, 60 minutes
- Pollen: Tested with Cedar Pollen extract, 60 minutes

3Aerosol test conducted in a Biosafety level 3 laboratory with two Coway air purifier models, Coway Airmega 250 and 400 for removal of SARS-CoV-2 Aerosol by US based MRI Global, a not-for-profit laboratory and partner of US Department of Defense. The test was conducted in a 13.1ft3 chamber. Virus was aerosolized for 15 minutes and the product was turned on high for 2 minutes. Result showed each product effectively removed over 99.98% of the SARS-CoV-2 in 2 minutes. This is a result from a laboratory experiment condition and result may vary in different conditions. This result does not imply it kills SARS-CoV-2 or prevents the transmission of Covid-19. Coway Airmega 250S and 400S are identical to the tested models and has equal performance with an additional mobile connectivity function.

4The concentration of ammonia, acetaldehyde and acetic acid were proven to be removed within 30 minutes by FCG Research Institute, Inc. Human Life Science Lab. It is not a demonstration result in the actual use space. Not all odors and gases may be supported. → Tested with Coway Airmega 150, 160, AP-1512HH, AP-1512HHS, 400, 400S

5The coverage area of the air purifier is based on an area where the air cleaner can make two air changes per hour (ACPH). An air change per hour translates to how many times an air purifier can clean an area, assuming the height of a ceiling to be 8 ft, in one hour. Therefore ** means two air changes per hour means that the cleaner can clean the area once every 30 minutes and * means air changes per hour means that the air purifier can clean the area once every 60 minutes.

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