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A person who purchased an air purifier after wondering: How can I help my dog breathe easier?

How Can I Help My Dog Breathe Easier? Cleaner Air for a Happy Pup

Clean air and healthy living doesn’t just affect us humans in a profoundly positive way—it’s important for the mental and physical health of our canine companions as well. Our beloved dogs serve as our emotional support systems, playmates, sleeping buddies, therapists, travel companions and best friends. But have you ever wondered: How can I help my dog breathe easier?

It makes sense to ensure our dogs live a healthy and clean lifestyle free of harmful pollutants so they can keep on making us smile day after day, bark after bark, scratchy after scratchy for years to come. But what does it mean to provide a healthy environment for a pet? 

Sure, purchasing that organic, daily-prepped food at the chef-driven dog market improves their diet, but we rarely think about what our dogs are breathing. Just like us, dogs can suffer from allergens and pollutants that harm their lungs, leading to respiratory illness and overall poor health.

 With clean air, a healthy diet, and plenty of exercise, you can give your dog the life you promised them—one of pure luxury and joyful companionship.

Symptoms of Respiratory Illness in Dogs

Before we dive into all the ways you can improve your dog’s health, it’s helpful to know and understand the symptoms that come with respiratory illness. These symptoms can include: 

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal discharge
  • Labored breathing
  • Wheezing
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Fever
  • Bluish discoloration of tongue and gums (Cyanosis)
  • Reverse sneezing
  • Chest expansion

If you notice any of the above problems, contact your veterinarian so they can address health issues before they become bigger problems.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of clean air and healthy living for both you and your dog! 

Why is Clean Air Important for Dogs?

 As mentioned before, dogs just like humans, are susceptible to all the adverse effects of air pollution. We know from extensive research that clean air can minimize several health conditions—so why not give our dogs the same benefits? But what can an air purifier do for your dog?

  1. Reduce allergies by filtering airborne particles like dust, mold spores, and even their own pet dander
  2. Eliminate odors for a more pleasant dog-friendly environment
  3. Provide respiratory support for breeds that are more susceptible to respiratory issues by keeping the air free of irritants
  4. Prevent airborne infections by reducing or eliminating viruses and bacteria
  5. Reduce excessive shedding through improved air quality that may have a positive impact on a dog’s skin and coat health.
  6. Generate peace of mind for owners knowing their dog is breathing in crystal clean air

 If you’re looking for a happy pooch, clean air is key. 

How Can You Improve the Overall Health of Your Dog?

 Love is the answer! Create a loving environment in which your doggo enjoys proper nutrition, regular exercise, preventative checkups, and a cozy environment where they know they are loved and you’ll be giving your furry friend all they need to wake up with a big grin each morning.

 Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Select healthier foods that are age appropriate and tailored to their breed and health condition
  2. Provide fresh water at all times for proper hydration
  3. Engage in daily exercise with walks and toys to maintain a healthy weight and promote socialization
  4. Schedule regular checkups with your vet to catch health issues before they happen
  5. Groom and brush their teethdogs can feel it when they look good.
  6. Practice kindness. By providing an environment that promotes positivity in the human world, you generate positivity in the dog world, too.  

Promote Better Breathing and a Safe Lifestyle for Your Canine

 This goes both ways—when you invest in the air quality and mental/physical health of your dog, you’re doing it for yourself as well. And that means regular dusting, avoiding smoking near your dog, ensuring you have proper ventilation, playing, keeping them out of hazardous weather, and using earth and pet-friendly products that won’t harm their lungs, eyes, paws, or skin.

 Now, you get to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle + clean air while keeping your pet healthy and happy.

 When it comes to our dogs, there’s little we won’t do to make sure they’re loved, cuddled, scratched, and adored day in and day out. By creating a healthful living environment for them to thrive in, you’re not only enhancing their health and energy levels, you’re also taking an important step in enhancing your own mental and physical well-being.



1Coway air purifiers have been proven to trap dust, pollen, dander, viruses and bacteria in the air based on KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories) testing.They have been tested in a 30㎥ size chamber according to the Korea Air Cleaning Association standard (SPS-KACA 002-132:2022 Modified) to measure the 0.01㎛ size of particle removal rate. It was tested on maximum airflow speed in normal room temperature and humidity conditions. The performance may vary in the actual living environment of customers.
→ Tested with Airmega Aim, 100, 150, 160, AP-1216L, AP-1512HH, AP-1512HHS, 200M, Icon, IconS, 230, 240, 250, 250 Art, 250S, 300, 300S, 400, 400S, ProX

299.97% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and pollen were verified to be removed from the air for Coway air purifiers which have Green True HEPA™ filter applied based on the Japan Food Research Laboratories(JFRL) testing according to JEM 1467 standard.
→ Tested with Coway Airmega AP-1512HH, AP-1512HHS, 250, 250 Art, 250S, 300, 300S, 400, 400S
→ All tested by JFRL and received above result within below time.

All tested by JFRL and received above result within below time.

- Virus: Tested with Escherichia coli phage ΦX174 NBRC 103405, 60 minutes
- Bacteria: Tested with Staphylococcus epidermidis NBRC 12993, 60 minutes
- Fungi/Mold: Tested with Penicillium citrinum NBRC 6352, 60 minutes
- Pollen: Tested with Cedar Pollen extract, 60 minutes

3Aerosol test conducted in a Biosafety level 3 laboratory with two Coway air purifier models, Coway Airmega 250 and 400 for removal of SARS-CoV-2 Aerosol by US based MRI Global, a not-for-profit laboratory and partner of US Department of Defense. The test was conducted in a 13.1ft3 chamber. Virus was aerosolized for 15 minutes and the product was turned on high for 2 minutes. Result showed each product effectively removed over 99.98% of the SARS-CoV-2 in 2 minutes. This is a result from a laboratory experiment condition and result may vary in different conditions. This result does not imply it kills SARS-CoV-2 or prevents the transmission of Covid-19. Coway Airmega 250S and 400S are identical to the tested models and has equal performance with an additional mobile connectivity function.

4The concentration of ammonia, acetaldehyde and acetic acid were proven to be removed within 30 minutes by FCG Research Institute, Inc. Human Life Science Lab. It is not a demonstration result in the actual use space. Not all odors and gases may be supported. → Tested with Coway Airmega 150, 160, AP-1512HH, AP-1512HHS, 400, 400S

5The coverage area of the air purifier is based on an area where the air cleaner can make two air changes per hour (ACPH). An air change per hour translates to how many times an air purifier can clean an area, assuming the height of a ceiling to be 8 ft, in one hour. Therefore ** means two air changes per hour means that the cleaner can clean the area once every 30 minutes and * means air changes per hour means that the air purifier can clean the area once every 60 minutes.

10Terms and conditions apply. Discounts, including promotions, coupons, bundle discount and subscription discount, cannot be stacked on top of other coupons. During promotional periods, discount codes will not be able to be applied to orders. Promo codes may apply to products only—filters, accessories, and new products within 3 months of the release date are not included.