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coway bidetmega controls

How a bidet toilet seat can help the blind or visually impaired

Bidet toilet seats like Bidetmega can assist those who are vision impaired

Bidetmega can be a great aid to help assist any senior citizen with vision loss or those that are permanently blind, by making their lives a little bit more comfortable.

Bidets can have many advantages for the visually impaired or the blind; it’s a hands-free device that helps enable their independence. For some senior citizens, a bidet can make it no longer necessary to have a caregiver for those very private moments. Bidetmega provides warm-water cleaning and warm air drying; no need for toilet paper means it’s less likely that any contamination can occur.

Toilet paper can be trouble

There are many disadvantages of using dry toilet paper. For the blind or elderly whose vision is not as it used to be, using toilet paper can be a very difficult or impossible task as they cannot see what they are doing and therefore are not going to know if they cleaned up efficiently. Beyond that, toilet paper can't clean your delicate surfaces effectively, and the abrasion can lead to irritations. Over time, the use of dry paper can lead to bacteria growth and infections. Paper is just the perfect material to spread infectious bacteria around. Bacteria can lead to hemorrhoids, sores and possibly urinary tract infections.

Braille controls make it simple and easy

Every Bidetmega comes with Braille on the control pad. There are a lot of modes and customizable options on Bidetmega to meet the needs of each individual . For the visually-impaired and blind, Braille controls take the guess-work out of operating the bidet. Thanks to Louis Braille and his unique tactile writing system, Bidetmega controls can be abundantly clear for all.

Only the best for the visually impaired

If you’re looking for a great bidet for yourself, or a blind or visually impaired loved one, This rave review calls the Bidetmega 400 an “experience”.

“It's at the point where I legitimately look forward to using the bathroom. I feel so refreshed and clean afterwards, without really being in danger of touching my own waste.”

–Bill Thomas, techradar

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