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Create a Better Workspace with Healthy Office Products

Create a Better Workspace with Healthy Office Products

By Justin J. Murphy

This should not come as a shock to anyone, but in case you haven’t heard, creating a healthy office environment leads to a more productive workforce!


Less sick days, happier employees, better retention, and an overall feeling of being valued and safe all contribute to more productivity—and better company culture.

Think about it—most employees spend at least half of their day inside the office. Isn’t it time we start placing the same value on making our offices healthy as we do on making our homes healthy? 

Advantages of Healthy Workplace

If you still need convincing, here’s a quick list of the advantages of creating a healthy workplace:

1. Improved Health

This is an obvious no-brainer. When employees work in an environment that promotes both physical and mental health, they are happier and more productive. By offering nutritious snacks, improving physical space and aesthetics, providing clean air and water, and offering additional perks and benefits focused on total body health, you can create a work environment that demonstrates to employees that you care about their overall well-being.

2. An Enhanced Corporate Image

Company culture is key to both attracting and retaining top talent. When your company chooses to prioritize the well-being of its employees by creating and maintaining a healthy work environment, you’re telling the world that you care. Not only that, but creating a healthy work environment also works to attract clients. Make no mistake about it—consumers and clients take notice of companies who go the extra mile for their employees because it demonstrates their commitment to creating a better world—and that can lead to higher profits.

3. An Increase in Job Satisfaction

Simply put—if you create a healthy work environment, employees are less likely to burn out, get sick, miss days, lose interest, and fall behind. And that means a decrease in turnover rate (which on average costs 6-9 months of salary per employee), as well as an increase in collaboration and engagement.

4. Better Attendance   

When employees aren’t able to care for themselves or are thrown into unhealthy work environments, you can expect to see higher absentee and tardiness rates—and that leads to a less productive workforce. By promoting a healthier lifestyle starting inside the office, you can increase morale and motivation while also improving collaboration through developing relationships. The more time your workforce spends together, the better their ability to perform as a team.

5. Lower Workers Compensation Premiums

A healthy workforce can also mean a healthier bottom line. Companies that promote a healthy environment can expect to see a decrease in workers' compensation claims. That means you can search for lower compensation premiums and save more money—which you can reinvest in your staff, products, vision, and services.

Create a Healthy Work Environment

So, how do you create a healthy work environment? Here are a few tips:

1. Start with Healthy Office Products

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find products for the office that promote health and wellness. If you’re looking to make an immediate impact that goes a long way on a small budget, simply provide your workforce with clean air and water. Coway Airmega air purifiers alongside Coway water purifiers eliminate pollutants, chemicals, and viruses ensuring your workforce breathes and drinks only the cleanest air and water, reducing sickness associated with airborne viruses and bacteria, as well as enhancing and promoting hydration. In fact, Coway Airmega uses a Green True HEPA™ filter to remove over 99.999%¹ of all airborne contaminants down to 0.01 microns including removing over 99.98%³ of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, while Coway Aquamega removes lead and cyst from water by up to 99.9 percent, as well as PFCs1 and VOCs.

2. Create a Healthy Lunch Program     

Whether you provide lunch for your employees or not, it’s easy to promote healthy eating habits by working with local health-conscious restaurants to offer healthier dining options, sometimes at a discounted rate to both employer and employee, making it a win/win for everyone. Added benefit—when employees eat together, they experience increased employee engagement, as well as increases in morale and productivity.

3. Encourage Fitness Breaks

Workforce low on energy? Get them up and moving! By creating an environment that promotes physical activity a few times a day, you’ll give your employees a much-needed physical boost that will uplift their spirits while burning calories and pumping blood back into their brilliant brains.

4. Introduce Healthy Vending Machine Options

It’s easy to go for the Oreos or Doritos when you’re hungry. So, get rid of those options and restock them with something nutritious! Ask your vending operator to replace snacks high in fats, sodium, and sugars with healthier options that won’t lead to sugar crashes, weight gain, and unhealthy eating habits.

5. Hit the Gym            

Want to show your employees you care? Give the gift of annual gym memberships. By promoting an active lifestyle, you can increase physical and mental health, while decreasing sick days and reducing healthcare costs. A more productive and present workforce can lead to a better bottom line. Simply put, pumping iron helps pump up the workforce—and that’s well worth the investment.

Help Your Business Today

Remember, a healthy work environment isn’t just about new plants and a fresh coat of paint—it’s about offering employees a chance to enhance their physical and mental well-being from the inside out. By giving your employees healthy office products and by extension an environment to thrive within, you’ll be able to elevate productivity by empowering your team to use their talents to the best of their physical and mental abilities.