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coway airmega air purifier inside coppa ice cream shop

Healthy Business Tips: Coppa Ice Cream Shop in Juneau, Alaska

A healthy business makes healthy business.

Coppa is a cafe in Juneau, Alaska that serves delicious baked goods, lunch, coffee and handmade ice cream. According to BuzzFeed, it’s the most popular ice cream shop in Alaska. Serving a diverse local community, the owners of Coppa believe strongly in having clean, moving air. That's why they placed an Airmega 300 with Green True HEPA technology inside their public area.

"We have staff working in our cafe 20+ hours per day. It is important for us to have clean air to keep our staff safe and healthy." –Marc Wheeler, owner of Coppa

Committed to safety.

Marc’s commitment to keeping customers safe and healthy hasn't gone unnoticed. "We have received several messages of thanks from customers when they found out about our filter. We have many customers in the medical community who only feel comfortable coming into our cafe."

HEPA filtration for local businesses.

When looking to achieve the best strategy for keeping their employees and customers safe, you can trust common-sense solutions and the latest science, just like the owners of Coppa. The Coway-engineered Green True HEPA filter captures and removes up to 99.99% of nano-sized particles in your air as small as 0.011 micrometers, including bacteria and viruses.

Learn more about Airmega.

Designed to fit your space.

Airmega air filters achieve anywhere from 214 to 1,560 sq ft of efficient coverage. Marc from Coppa found the device to fit right into his cafe's environment: "It looks attractive and we like that you can rinse the first filters off."

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