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Feels like the first time: What does a bidet feel like?

What does a bidet feel like?

Maybe you’ve seen bidets while visiting a friend’s place or while traveling abroad. Maybe you’ve looked into them a bit—done some research about how they work or why so many people use them. Maybe you’ve even considered getting one for yourself.

However, have you ever wondered what it’s like to use a bidet for the first time? We asked our Instagram followers that very same question. In a recent poll on our feed, we told bidet fans to vote for their response to the following: My first bidet experience was like: “What is happening?” or “This is the best.”

“What is happening?” (Result: 48%) 

With almost half of the vote, this response makes a lot of sense. For many, using a bidet for the first time is an unusual or surprising experience—and takes a little getting used to. As you install and test out your bidet, you’ll need to adjust for a few key factors to keep surprise minimal. Namely, you’ll want to take stock of your water temperature and pressure to ensure that the experience suits your personal needs. According to most, the more you practice, the less you’ll feel like “What is happening?” and more like “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

“This is the best.” (Result: 52%)

As many customers will tell you, this result is the natural progression of having a bidet of your own over time. On Instagram, our followers agreed, sharing that life with a bidet is “heaven,” “magical,” and “so clean.” The general consensus is that those who go bidet don’t go back—because the experience is considered a true upgrade in their lives. Not only does this new addition to your bathroom keep you clean and comfortable, but it’s also an eco-friendly option, cutting down on both water and toilet paper use.

Giving it a go.

So if you’re ready to bring home a bidet, look no further than Coway Bidetmega. Our products feature i-wave technology (an innovative washing system that can be customized to your  preferences) and user-friendly controls (like wireless remotes that let you change mode and water pressure) to make your first time truly memorable.

Plus, you can take home one of our bidets for a 90-day trial to make absolutely sure that you love it. Shop for yours today.