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Coway Bidetmega Bidet - Dry Off WIth Warm Air!

Drying off with Bidetmega

Bidets are a more hygienic way to keep clean after using the toilet since they utilize pressurized water rather than dry paper. Although toilet paper is not needed for cleaning, you still need to use it to dry off afterward. Because bidets make cleaning by wiping unnecessary, the only use you have for toilet paper is to pat dry, saving you the time and cost of restocking your rolls as well as the environmental impact of flushing paper. Bidetmegas come with the added benefit of a warm air dryer, so you can use little to no toilet paper each time you use the bathroom. 

How does Bidetmega work?

When developing Bidetmega, LivingCare Development Team Leader Sung Worl Jin was inspired by things in his daily life. When work first began on Bidetmega, Jin and his team were researching which current of water pressure gave the right balance for cleanliness and comfort. “Water pressure is key to the use of the bidet. If the water pressure is too strong, it may affect overall anal health,” says Jin.

Then one day, Jin saw their daughter playing with a rubber hose, and realized the flexibility of the hose could help with the bidet’s water path. Coway’s now-patented iWave technology gives a multiple-stage wash with different pressures, allowing for maximum cleanliness, and a more gentle experience.

i-Wave consists of four stages: Soft Start, Pre Wash, Main Wash and Rinse Wash. The first three stages slowly build water pressure to go from a gentle to a thorough clean, and the final stage ends with a refreshing finish. After all four stages of i-Wave, users can either pat dry with toilet paper or use Bidetmega’s warm air dryer. 

Bidetmega warm air dryer

At the push of a button on Bidetmega’s convenient remote, you can dry off with warm air. After a thorough and refreshing clean, avoiding residue from toilet paper is the perfect finish to an elevated bathroom experience. 

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