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person opening up bidet toilet seat

Bidet myth busted: Bidets are uncomfortable

Wiping with dry paper is the ultimate in comfort, right?

It needs to be said: using toilet paper is becoming old-fashioned. Our appearance of cleanliness becomes deceptive when we ignore the cleanliness of the most intimate parts of our body.

What is the most comfortable bidet?

Using a modern bidet toilet seat for the first time may be awkward and different, but not all bidets are created equal. After one Bidetmega experience, you won’t want to go back to wiping with toilet paper. The comfort of sitting on a heated toilet seat, washing with warm water (and drying with warm air) may just have you looking forward to your next trip to the bathroom.

i-wave technology unlocks ultimate comfort

Coway-engineered i-wave technology was developed to maximize comfort and effectiveness for Bidetmega toilet seats. Not only can you customize your water pressure and temperature, a selection of wash modes have up to four wash steps:

soft start, pre-wash, main-wash, and rinse-wash. Overall, you get a gentle, pleasant experience, and a thorough, hygienic wash.

90 days of risk-free comfort

We’re so confident in the comfort and effectiveness of each of the Bidetmega models, you can try out the product for 90 days before making your decision. If anything about the product doesn’t satisfy you, you can return the product for a full refund.

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