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baby sleeping in the crib

Air purifiers and babies: keeping the nursery air clean

September is Baby Safety Month

It’s a reminder that the earliest days of life can be the most vital for development. Thus, it’s critical for the environment your baby lives in to be as conducive to healthy, happy growth as possible. As a parent, you do all you can to make the nursery safe for your children; from furniture and paint, to the detergent you use– it’s just as important for every breath they take to be safe, too. 

Your child’s immune system is still developing in those first few years, and that means they’re more vulnerable to airborne pollutants. With Coway’s Green True HEPA™ filter combined with an activated charcoal filter, an Airmega can protect your infant from dust, viruses, mold, fine particles and more.

With the pollutants in the air from fires and other sources, it’s crucial that you’re able to monitor the air inside the nursery. With Airmega’s real time air quality monitoring, any changes in the air won’t go unnoticed. As for the baby’s sleep, the Airmega operates as soft as a whisper, around 25 db. When paired with Smart Mode, there’s no need to interrupt their much needed rest, while still ensuring a healthy environment.

Your home is more than just a place for shelter.

For infants, your home is the garden in which they will grow and blossom into the wonderful people they can be. Children deserve the best we can give them, and Airmega ensures the air is a part of that.

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