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mother showing her son the bidetmega

A Worldwide Celebration of Toilets

November 19th is World Toilet Day

Though it may seem a silly day to celebrate, World Toilet Day was established by the UN for a serious reason. The day is designated not only to celebrate toilets, but also to raise awareness of those who live without access to safely managed sanitation. But why is the cleanliness of water important when it comes to toilets?

Clean yourself with clean water

Clean water is essential to our health for obvious reasons like avoiding the ingestion of bacteria, viruses, and parasites, but it’s also important to have clean water for your toilets and bidets for washing up. Safe water in bidet systems ensures no pollutants enter the body while cleaning. Using a bidet helps remove more fecal matter and bacteria than toilet paper alone, and also keep your hands cleaner by eliminating the need to touch the area. Bidets eliminate the need for toilet paper, creating a more sustainable, eco-friendly toilet.

The Bidetmega is designed with a self-cleaning care system to keep the inside and outside of your bidet hygienic, providing better health and peace of mind.

Engineered for everybody

We specifically designed every bidet in our line to work for diverse body types and personal needs, from children and the elderly to overweight people and even the visually impaired. Our bidets also feature a Front Mode specially designed for feminine hygiene. 

Using bidets can help women avoid urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and inflammatory bowel disease. Bidets can also provide comfort and convenience when it comes to keeping up with hygiene during menstruation and pregnancy. 

A bidet worth celebrating

The Bidetmega comes equipped not only with top-of-the-line sanitation capabilities, but also with special features that make every trip to the bathroom a better experience. The Bidetmega Bidet seat (IPX5), remote (IPX7) technology is waterproof and its stainless steel nozzle makes for easy cleaning. It is also low maintenance with easy installation and a self-cleaning system. Customize the water pressure, water temperature, and seat temperature of your toilet at the touch of a button, and never reach for toilet paper again thanks to the Bidetmega’s warm air dryer. 

Learn more about the Bidetmega here.