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coway airmega air purifier graphite

A balance of engineering and design

In the world of consumer products, it often seems like engineers are making things for other engineers while designers are making things for other designers. That leaves a lot of products either too complicated or too precious to be useful. In fact, it’s rare to find a product that balances the two sometimes competing, sometimes complementary, elements. When Airmega’s creators began to conceive of an air purifier to lead the market, they knew the design had to be a driver on equal footing with the engineering.


One of the key engineering innovations that makes Airmega a leading air purification provider is the presence of not one, but two, activated carbon HEPA filters. You may have heard of activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal, before. It is a filtration technology used in an array of everyday products. This presence of two filters essentially doubles the amount of air processed through the walls and out the top of the unit.


Often, this type of engineering robustness will come at the expense of design aesthetics but Airmega’s creators were able to build the double intake configuration into a design that fits into the home environment. Of note, the distinctive hole pattern on the unit’s outer surfaces were repeatedly tested to optimize air intake.


Among those to have taken notice is none other than Wired magazine, when Airmega appeared in their Daily Fetish section. The title says it all: “This Air Purifier Has Brains and Doesn’t Look Like Garbage.” Similarly, Gadget Review named Airmega the “Best HEPA Air Purifier of 2017.” They raved about Airmega’s double-filter engineering while also stating, “Aesthetically, this machine rocks the boat. Its unique design is visually appealing in any space.” What’s more, according to tech blog ChipChick, setup is easy, in part because the unit works directly with Wi-Fi networks, rather than through Bluetooth.


Balance: You know it when you see it, feel it, use it.