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7 healthy nose tips for allergy sufferers

Late summer and early fall are prime-time for ragweed allergy sufferers. But all that nose-blowing and wiping can lead to a painfully irritated schnoz. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to soothe your tender nose.

1. Learn the best technique

That means being careful to pat your nose, rather than rubbing or wiping. You’ll experience less friction and, thus, less skin irritation. Also, blow gently, through one nostril at a time, to reduce chafing.

2. Choose the right tissues

Tissues with fragrances or other chemicals can exacerbate irritation, especially if your skin is cracked. Instead look for soft tissues. Better yet is finding products treated with soothing aloe or lotion.

3. Moisturize frequently

Throughout the day, dab a small amount of ointment around your nostrils and any other irritated areas. For best results, do it after every time you blow your nose.

4. Dial up the steam

Steam can moisturize your skin and nasal passages, and potentially loosen up mucus, thereby allowing you to blow it out more easily. For that reason, run a shower with hot water, close the bathroom door and stay put for a few minutes. Or try drinking warm tea throughout the day. A related approach: Apply a warm compress to the bridge of your nose. That should loosen secretions.

5. Eat spicy food

You may have noticed that your nose starts running when you eat very spicy food. As it happens, that’s exactly what you want for the best nose-blowing results. So, try eating hot salsa and other spicy fare, making sure to blow your nose while the secretions are moist and fluid.

6. Try massage

You want to target the areas that affect your sinus, such as the forehead, the bridge of your nose and temples, and under the eyes. You’ll open up your nasal passages and make nose-blowing easier.

7. Install an air purifier

Reduce your exposure to allergens in your home. Use a smart air purifier with a HEPA filter, like Coway Airmega to help eliminate allergens year-round.