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Should I buy a bidet? 3 More Myths Busted

With global interest on the rise for bidets and smart bidet toilet seats, there’s a lot of misinformation you can encounter on the internet. We’re here to set the record straight, and show that products like Bidetmega are easy, comfortable, and a more hygienic way to clean up in the bathroom.


Myth #1: Installing a bidet is difficult

Wrong! You don’t need a plumber for this task. Installing a smart bidet toilet seat like Bidetmega is almost too easy.  You only need to connect it to a standard outlet, and the existing water connection that’s already attached to your toilet tank. Common household tools is all it takes. For more information, check out these easy-to-follow installation videos.


Myth #2: A bidet spraying water on me seems unsafe and uncomfortable

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, i-wave technology found in every Bidetmega is a miniature technological marvel. You can adjust the pressure and temperature of the water stream exactly to your liking. It’s been proven that hands-free washing is more hygienic than wiping with toilet paper. You get clean faster, and in a much gentler way. The water paths are automatically cleaned regularly, and the wash mode uses water directly from your tap—not from the toilet tank—just as if you were taking a shower.


Myth #3: Bidets are expensive

This may have been true years ago. But with modern advancements, even bidets with luxury-level features are more affordable than ever. Combined with the money you’ll save on toilet paper, and the hygienic benefits, you’re out of excuses not to install a bidet in your bathroom, and get a more spa-like experience at home.


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