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coconut plus two glasses of water

How to make homemade coconut water for summer

It’s hard to imagine a drink more satisfying than a cool, crisp glass of water on a hot summer day. But what if this were the start of something even better? It can be! Filtered water is the ideal base for homemade coconut water--something many people love to drink, especially during the summer months


Packaged coconut water: popular, but polluting

Over the past several years, coconut water has become a hugely popular drink due to its thirst-quenching and electrolyte-boosting capability. In fact, coconut water sales are expected to exceed $2 billion in the next five years. Sadly, that means there will be millions of disposable bottles going into landfills and waterways. (Not to mention the hit to one’s wallet.)


Two ingredients

Another downside to packaged coconut water is that sometimes it contains additives. With homemade coconut water, the recipe has just two ingredients: coconut and water. Sure, people can add a little honey or sea salt to taste. But for simple, delicious coconut water, two ingredients are all that are needed. Here’s how it works:


How to make your own coconut water



  • 1 coconut
  • 2 cups filtered water



  • Skewer
  • Hammer (or mallet)
  • Pocket knife
  • Blender or Vitamix



Crack open the coconut. Then using a tool, such as a pocket knife, peel away the brown, fibrous coconut casing. Once the casing is removed, the remaining white part is called the coconut meat. Cut the coconut meat into two inch pieces. Cut enough to measure approximately a half cup.


Place the coconut meat into the blender or Vitamix container, add the filtered water, and blend. Voila, you’ve made your own coconut water! Note: If you like stronger flavored water, just add more coconut meat to the mix. Also, if you enjoy learning by video, this gentleman has mastered the art of making homemade coconut water.


When water composes half of the ingredients in a recipe, it should only be clean, clear water. The Coway Aquamega 100 triple-filtration system reduces water contaminants by up to 99.9%. Now with homemade coconut water–or any drink made from Coway Aquamega 100 filtered water–you’re starting with the purest ingredient available.