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bidetmega models with i-wave cleaning technology

Debunking Bidet Myths

In the market or just looking? If health concerns surrounding the globally popular toilet seat upgrade are stopping you from sealing the deal, pull up a seat. We’re going to debunk some common misconceptions about bidets.

Myth 1: Bidets use toilet water

Although bidets are hooked up to the toilet seat and the water appears to spray out of the bowl, the actual water supply is coming from the same pipes as your faucet and shower. Bidet water supplies are just as sanitary as drinking water from your kitchen sink, and there is no risk of contamination from used toilet water.

Myth 2: Bidets cause hemorrhoids

A common misconception is that the pressure of the water spraying from the bidet can cause inflammation and swollen veins in the anal region, also known as hemmorhoids. However, there has been no study that has shown a correlation between bidet use and the development of hemorrhoids. The painful inflammation is actually typically caused by straining during bowel movements, obesity and pregnancy – internal factors.
Bidets don’t cause hemorrhoids and can actually help treat them! Bidets have been shown to help heal hemorrhoids since they’re more gentle and provide a deeper clean than just wiping.

Myth 3: Bidets throw off internal pH

A big concern for those using bidets for feminine hygiene is the risk of upsetting vaginal pH. Douching products that contain iodine, vinegar, baking soda and other strong ingredients can throw the natural flora off balance and cause pain and infection. Because bidets spray clean water that isn’t mixed with any soaps or solutes, they are perfectly safe and a healthy way to achieve a deeper clean than one could using dry toilet paper.

Try Coway Bidetmega

Finally ready to get a bidet of your own? Shop Coway’s range of innovative Bidetmega models. Each is outfitted with state of the art i-wave cleaning technology, hygienic stainless steel nozzles and thoughtful human design features like Braille and child mode. Discover a better way to bidet.