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bidet with remote control features

3 simple steps to make your bathroom feel luxurious

Create a spa-like experience at home

In a year where so much has changed, many vacations have been put on hold in favor of staycations. So while you may not be able to travel to a hotel or resort this spring break, you can recreate the feeling at home—by making your bathroom feel and look like a spa. Pamper yourself by taking your master bathroom from lackluster to luxurious with these DIY tips.

Step 1. Bring new life to your bathtub

Start your spa-like staycation with some new additions to your tub—and even stay within your budget as you do. Consider replacing your bath and shower faucet trims with a new style or color. Most are affordably priced, and changing that chrome into an oil-rubbed bronze or polished brass can make a world of difference in lifting the overall look. Not to mention, a beautiful bathtub caddy will let you keep your favorite books, candles and treats close as you unwind after a long day. 

Step 2. Upgrade your aesthetic

Add shelving, spa-like curtains or even elegant towels to your small bathroom to create an entirely new look for the space. These accessories don’t take long to procure or place, and the effort is definitely worth your while. You can even take this opportunity to experiment: Integrate pops of color, or bring in a more muted motif. See how shelves would look beside your mirror or above your toilet. Or simply swap the pieces you currently have in favor of others throughout your home.

Step 3. Add a bidet to your toilet

If cleanliness, comfort and convenience are your thing, consider adding a bidet with luxurious features to your bathroom. Not only will installing one boost your master bath’s spa-like atmosphere, but you’ll feel pampered with a toilet seat you can tailor to your body and your needs. 

Coway Bidetmega can help you live that luxury. Innovative i-wave water technology allows you to adjust water pressure, temperature and motion to your preferences—and even includes a dryer. Plus, the stainless-steel nozzles and minimalist design will fit in perfectly with the changes you’re making to your space. Learn more about how Coway Bidetmega can enhance your bathroom here.

By changing up these elements in your bathroom, you can feel like you’ve taken a whirlwind trip to a spa without ever leaving the comfort of home.