About Coway

Our obsession with helping people live happier, healthier lives began in Korea in 1989. Today, Coway is proud to bring our award-winning health products to the US: Airmega air purifiers, Bidetmega bidet toilet seats, and Aquamega water purifiers.

Since our founding, Coway has become a global leader in intensive research, engineering and innovation, amassing over 5,000 intellectual property rights in all.

When it comes to health, we believe every element needs to be examined, researched, understood, tested and retested. Some may call this never-ending product and lifestyle interrogation excessive, but for us, it’s just another day of discovery. We believe the highest levels of health, comfort and satisfaction don’t happen by chance. We obsess over every detail, so Coway products can help transform your space into a health sanctuary.

Coway Research and Development Center

The Coway R&D Center, an environmental technology research institute, has 366 researchers, developing technologies around all aspects of life. The center also serves as our environmental quality, design and cosmetics institute.

Whether researching billions of data points to document air quality, conducting hundreds of tests to create the perfect seat for every body shape, rigorously researching to understand the needs of asthmatics, or employing 23 certified water sommeliers—when we say we’re obsessed with health, we mean it.

  • 366 leading researchers
  • 8,285+ patents related to water and air
  • 381 billion data points from 42,995 households to test air quality.
  • 5,026+ intellectual property rights
  • 23 WQA-Certified Water Specialists (CWS)

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