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Coway IoT Terms of Service

Article 1. Purpose

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to stipulate basic conditions of rights and duties of Coway Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Company”), and members and customers for use of Coway IoT services.


Article 2. Definition of Terms

The terms used in the terms and conditions are defined as follows:

① ”Products” are defined as all of products allowed of applying Services manufactured and sold by Company including air cleaner, water purifier, bidet, mattress, water softener, and air quality diagnosis device. Scope of products (devices) applied with Services may be added or deleted dependent upon situations of Company.

② ”Service” is defined as services and their additional services that provide functions of device control, climate and air quality information and other contents via linkage with Products installed at home or business place of Member or Customer and applications provided by Company.

③ ”Member” is defined as an individual who owns Coway IoCare Account, and uses Services provided by Company for Products.

④ “Customer” is defined as purchaser of product (equipment) manufactured and sold by Company upon rental or lump sum payment basis.

⑤ “Company” is defined as Coway Co., Ltd. that provides Member or Customer with Services. Affiliates and overseas corporations (including branches) of Company, or third party specified by Company may, however, perform duties of company in accordance with these terms and conditions, or be beneficiary pursuant to these terms and conditions.

⑥ “Affiliate” is defined as an individual or a corporation that makes use of Service to provide Member with information, contents, software and solution of Product of Affiliate dependent upon conditions stipulated in these terms and conditions.


Article 3. Specifics of Services

① Services provided by Company are as enumerated below. Specifics of Services are fully described on WEB or application of each Service:

– Customer who purchases Product of Company only is registered with Purchaser Authority when registering product on Service; and all other Members other than Customer is registered with guest authority. When Member registers product on Service with authority authentication number of Product obtained from Customer purchased Product, he/she is registered with authority of the number when entering the number.

– Customer is entitled to change authority settings for Product on product setting menu of Service, and assign authority authentication number to Member with guest authority. If Member other than Customer registers product, device is only registered without authority.

– When Member other than Customer registers product, registration is made with guest authority or no authority, and Member may make request for authority authentication to Customer.

– If Customer receives request for authority authentication by Member not purchased product when registering product of Customer, Customer may allow authority authentication after checking information of Member requesting for authority authentication (phone number). If Customer do not desire authority authentication, request may be deleted on product settings menu.

– Service of confirmation, control, checking and monitoring of conditions of Product installed at home or business place at local or remote distance, or via WEB or applications

– Service that real-time checks or automatically detects movement via senor embedded in Product, and provides alarms

– Services supplementing Services stipulated in each subparagraphs above, of new Services

② Specifics and scopes of Services may vary upon countries and terminals, and country of supplying Services may vary upon functions. Services are in principle, provide round the clock.

③ When Member operates Product at remote distance, energy consumption takes place, and operating Product for an extended period of time, risks such as fire may take place due to overheat, failure or short circuit of Product. Member is solely responsible for the risks, and Company never bears for the risks.

④ Use of Service requires access to or connection with equipment via mobile network or internet. Member is solely responsible for expenses incurred from access to or connection with mobile network or internet for use of Services.

⑤ It is allowed to automatically down load and update software (including firmware of product) used for Company services. The purpose of software update is to improve capability, security and stability of service or product; however, bug correction, improvement of functions of service and product, software update, and improvement of functions (including entirely new version) may be included. Automatic update may continuously be provided even after Member withdraws from service account as long as product is kept connected via mobile network or internet.

⑥ Types and specifics of Service supplied by Company may vary dependent upon in-house policies of Company and Affiliate.


Article 4. Service Provider

Service is available at Product of Company supporting Service, and Product linked with WEB or application for each Service provided by Company. Company may provide Service for Product of Company.


Article 5. Service Fees

① Service provided by Company is free. Use of Service may be converted into charged services upon change of policies of Company, and additional services may be launched that is applied with service fees and conditions.

② When purchasing consumables of Product via Service, service fee is separately billed.


Article 6. Protection of Personal Information

① Company is entitled to collect the least personal information required for use of Service by Member upon consent of Member. Laws and decrees for protection of personal information apply to collected personal information.

② Company commits its best endeavors into protection of personal information of Member. Refer to personal information treatment policies of Company for further information on methods of protection and treatment of personal information of Member by Company.

③ Member consents on collection and use of personal information in accordance with personal information treatment policies of Company.


Article 7. Protection of Minors

① Use of Service by minor member requires consent in advance from legal agent (e.g., parents). Legal agent of minor member shall (i) monitor use of Service by minor, (ii) bear all of risks and responsibilities relevant to use of Service by minors, and (iii) guarantee correctness and trustfulness of information submitted by minor.

② If charged service is added to Service, legal agent may cancel use of charged services by minor. In such a case, legal agent shall prove identity of legal agent of Member to Company, and shall make cancellation indication with method allowed of confirmation and preservation.      If minor subscribes membership with resident number of other adult, or uses payment information of adult without consent of the latter to make Company falsely believe that such minor is competent for payment, use of charged service is not allowed of canceling.


Article 8. Requirements to Comply with when Using Service

① Member shall comply with these terms and conditions, all guides provided to Member by Company, and all of laws and decrees applied to Member.

② Member shall use Service for personal and nonprofit purpose in private place of Member (e.g., home).

– Behavior that may cause fault or interruption of Service

– behavior of using Service for purposes other than those stipulated in the terms and conditions

– Behavior breaching portrait right, personal right, intellectual property right, honor right, privacy right, or legal or contractual rights of third party

– behavior of using Service for the purpose of property benefits to himself/herself or others, or to damage others

– Behavior of lending or transfer of authority for use of Service of his/her own, or assignment of access authority to others, or behavior embezzling personal information of others

– Behavior assigning authority to third party for executing software or codes by making use of Service, or behavior distributing virus or other malicious software and codes through Service

– Behavior avoiding technical protection action of Company, or getting such action impotent

– Behavior of using Service with automated tools other than software or hardware allowed by Company without consent in written

– Behavior inhibited in in-house guides of Company and in applicable laws and decrees, or behavior harming public order and standards for decency


Article 9. Ownership of Rights

①   Company (or lincesee of Company) owns intellectual property rights of Service and any data included in it (including copyright, trademark right, patent right, utility model right, design right, database right and trade secret), and all of legal rights such as ownership and rights of use and profits. These include design, layout, logo, brand, apparent shape, expression and graphic of Service, including but not limited to software, documents and other data indicated on Service as well as all of information and data provided via Service.

② Member is allowed to use Service within scope explicitly permitted in accordance with the terms and conditions.

③ Member shall not duplicate, redistribute or reposting Service or let others use Service for commercial purposes without consent of Company in written in advance or execution of agreement with Company. Further, Member shall not rent, lend, relicensing, sales, transfer, providing as mortgage or move Service.


Article 10. Limit on Responsibilities

① Company neither guarantees nor verifies for any of the followings enumerated below for Service:

– Supply or non-interruption of supply round the clock or at certain timeframe; and safety or no error of contents of Service

– Compliance with of requirements of Member, or satisfaction of capabilities or functions at certain level

– Safeguard against virus, damage or other security intrusion. Company, however, commit reasonable endeavors into protecting Member from security instruction incidents at the current technology level.

② Company is responsible for direct damages only out of damages incurred to Member because of intentional or significant fault of Company relevant to use of Service, and is not responsible for any other indirect, incidental, extraordinary or consequential loss.

③ Company is not responsible for failure of use of Service or damages resulted from cause which Member is solely responsible for such as violation of the terms and conditions or applicable laws and decrees.

④ Company is not responsible for damage incurred on Member in case of failure in supply of Service due to Acts of God or similar force majeure.

⑤ Service may contain contents, data, information, software or hyperlink provided from Member or third party. Company has no control over the same, and does not guarantee or is not responsible for legibility or precision of the same.

⑥ Information, document, software and other data contained in Service are provided ‘as is’ basis. Company tries to provide precise and updated data; however, is not responsible for error, defect or incorrectness of data.


Article 11. Legal Relationship between Members, and between Member and Third Party

① The terms and conditions do not give effects on legal relationship between Member and third party; Separate terms and conditions of third part may apply to Member.

② Member shall solely be responsible for responsibility for data exchange with other Member on Service. Company does not guarantee precision or legibility of information, data or other materials posted or exchanged by Member in relevance with Service, and does not intervene in civil or criminal issues resulted from defamation or other illegal behaviors during use of Service between Members or between Member and third party, and is not responsible for the same.


Article 12. Posting of Advertisement

① Some of Service are supported by profit from advertisement. Company may post information of advertisement and public notice on Service, add it to Products and WEB or application provided by Company, and may provide Member consented on receiving with this information via appropriate methods such as text messages and push notification. Member is entitled to make request for termination of supply of such information to Company via phone or e-mail whenever he/she desires to do so.

② If information relevant to advertisement and public notice supplied by Member and Company is used, or communication or trade is attempted with advertisement owner, such issues shall fully be rested on responsibility between Member and advertisement owner. Accordingly, Company shall not bear any responsibilities or duties for the same unless there is cause which Company is responsible for.


Article 14. Interpretation of Terms and Conditions

Issues or interpretation not stipulated in the terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Coway IoCare-Terms and Conditions of Use by Member. Should these terms and conditions and other individual terms and conditions such as Coway IoCare-Terms and Conditions of Use by Member deviate or conflict each other, these terms and conditions prevail for Coway IoT Services.



These terms and conditions shall enter into force as of Dec. 20, 2017.