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The Harvard professor obsessed with clean air

One of the things that makes Airmega an air purifier leader is its commitment to research. Yes, it’s essential to have best in class engineering and it’s critical to have well-considered design aesthetics. But these elements are supported by the background research that goes into creating the air purifier product. The commitment to air quality research informs whether Airmega is solving the right problems, and how to do it correctly.


One of the key components in this research is the work Airmega, and parent company Coway, are conducting with Dr. Petros Koutrakis of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Heath, where he is a professor of Environmental Sciences. Koutrakis has produced over 300 papers on air and water quality.


“What we like about Coway is that they believe in developing products that are reliable and they like to do research to achieve better technologies,” says Koutrakis of the partnership.


“We’re working on a large research project, which is funded by the US National Institute of Health and is cosponsored with Coway,” he explains of his current work. “We want to know the impact of air cleaners in schools and if they can improve the health of asthmatic children.”


Dr. Petros


Common asthma triggers include indoor allergens, air pollution, odors, and fumes, according to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology. If these triggers can be moderated by an effective air cleaning system within a public space, it stands to reason that overall health will improve for asthmatic children in school and decrease reliance on medication as well as learning disruptions attributable to asthma flare-ups.


“I think cleaner air and cleaner water are very important for public health,” says Koutrakis. “I’m glad that there are companies like Coway that produce devices that can improve health. We need to use these devices to protect susceptible populations.”


Find out more about Coway’s commitment to research and development related to clean air and water.